Nashville’s devastating April 16, 1998 tornado & March 3, 2020 déjà vu

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Notice, the second day of this storm, April 16, 1998, which wrecked Nashville, was a date with 137 numerology.  It was also the 106th day of the year.

4/16/1998 = 4+16+19+98 = 137

The first storm of April 16, 1998 hit at 3:30 PM.

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A woman just called me from Nashville and asked me to look into this tragedy because she said the same area was just impacted March 3, 2020, the day we were keeping an eye on in regards to the state of Tennessee.  What she pointed out is that the area being impacted is predominantly black, but it is being gentrified and they’re trying to relocate the black population from the area.

They reported 63 tornadoes in the two-day “tornado outbreak”.  Guess why?

Read about the recent history of gentrification in Nashville: