NAYA RIVERA: Synchronicity, Water in Ritual Magic, and THE TWO RIVERAS

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On July 13th, 2020 the drowning death of actress Naya Rivera was announced.

The details of her death revealed striking parallels with multiple other water/drowning deaths involving public figures.

Naya Marie Rivera

In decoding the stories of these deaths it is important to first examine the esoteric significance of WATER.

The drowning/water-related deaths of the following public figures will be compared:

  • MARIANO RIVERA: The most striking and conspicuous parallel with Naya Rivera is that they share a last name. In 2004 two in-laws were electrocuted and drowned in the swimming pool of the New York Yankees baseball legend. This occurred in Puerto Caimito, Panama.

  • RODNEY KING: The subject of the first internationally viral police brutality video and eventual civil rights symbol died drowned in a swimming pool. His birthday is April 2nd, 42. MARIANO RIVERA’S jersey number is 42.

King drowned precisely on the anniversary of his father’s death. His father died by drowning in a bathtub at age 42.

  • WHITNEY HOUSTON: who died by drowning in a bathtub on the 42nd day-of-the-year (February 11th).
  • DOLORES O’RIORDAN: In 2018 the legendary Irish singer drowned in a bathtub in a London Hilton hotel, like WHITNEY HOUSTON who drowned in a bathtub in a Hilton hotel.

  • CASSANDRA LYNN: The Playboy Playmate died drowned in a bathtub on the same date – January 15th – as DOLORES O’RIORDAN’s bathtub death.

  • MAEVE KENNEDY: The grand-daughter of Robert F Kennedy drowned in a canoeing accident off Chesapeake Bay on April 2nd, 42, the birthday of Rodney King.

  • MARY JO KOPECHNE: The above case was not the Kennedy family’s first involvement in a drowning incident: In 1969 Senator Ted Kennedy drove a car into a lake off Martha’s Vineyard and drowned the passenger Mary Jo Kopechne.

Naya Rivera as Santana Lopez on Glee

Naya Rivera’s most resonant, popular role was as Santana Lopez on the hit tv series Glee.

Gematria unveils a link between the Kennedy drowning deaths and Naya Rivera’s drowning death.

  • JIM MORRISON: In 2019 Naya Rivera uploaded an Instagram picture of herself wearing a Jim Morrison t-shirt. Morrison died in a bathtub.

  • FLORIJANA ISMAILI: The first parallel event that jumped out at me when I first heard of the Naya Rivera drowning death in a lake, was the 2019 drowning-death-in-a-lake of Swiss women’s soccer star Florijana Ismaili, a week before the women’s World Cup Final.

Florijana Ismaili

Water is central to Naya Rivera’s death and to similar events.

The FOUR CLASSICAL ELEMENTS are EARTH, AIR, WATER and FIRE. Air and fire are masculine; earth and air are feminine.

While Jim Morrison and Rodney King are examples of males, most subjects of water-related death rituals are female.

EARTH is the MATERIAL plane. MATER-ial, MATTER, stems from “mater” which means “mother” in Latin. Mother Earth. Some believe that the material world is a MATRIX. MATRIX is a maternal, feminine term. One of the meanings of “matrix” is “WOMB.” The Christian Bible mentions “matrix” 5 times; mostly in the context of SACRIFICE.

WATER represents SOURCE; origin; creation.

Multiple mystery traditions believe that the realm from which the elements that constitute the material world are drawn, is a void with the essence of POTENTIAL euphemistically called the PRIMORDIAL WATERS.

The adept uses the primordial waters to craft the material world according their will.

HYDROGEN is the “mother element” on which all other elements depend for their existence.

Goddess Sopdet is the anthropomorphism of Sirius

In water-related rituals you will usually see the invocation of FEMALE celestial bodies: VENUS, but primarily Earth’s MOON and the star SIRIUS.

The heliacal rising of SIRIUS in summer marked the flooding of the Nile River and the start of the ancient Egyptian new year. The MOON controls the tides and determines monthly cycles effecting female reproductive systems.

Sirius is venerated by the Dogon people of Mali and Burkina Faso, and by multiple mystery traditions including Freemasonry.

The zodiac sign of CANCER is a water sign, and is ruled by the MOON. hence, it is often a key element of water related rituals.

Naya Rivera’s drowning occurred at a time of Cancer; July 8th.

The name: NAYA RIVERA is a form of NILE RIVER.

Two other cast members of Glee passed away before Naya Rivera did. Their details reveal the depths of the water ritual attached to Naya Rivera and Glee:

MARK SALLING was the most recent to pass before Naya Rivera. His August 17th birthday suggests SIRIUS reference: the heliacal rising of Sirius occurred – in ancient times – anywhere from the last week of July to the first three weeks of August. In modern-day Egypt it is celebrated on August 15th.

He played a character named “PUCK” whose name matches “MOON” in all 4 base-cipher-values of gematria.

The character Puck’s real name is NOAH Puckerman. NOAH is a flood reference.

Salling is reported to have committed suicide by hanging on a tree in a river bed.

The other Glee cast member to die is CORY MONTEITH who died – in 2013 – on July 13th. That anniversary – in 2020 – is when the drowning death of Naya Rivera was announced.

The character Cory Monteith played is named FINN HUDSON. Again, these are two water references: HUDSON is the name of a famous American river. Finn is a reference to part of a fish’s anatomy.

And, moreover: Monteith is reported to have died in a room at the PACIFIC RIM hotel, for ANOTHER aquatic reference.

Central to this and the other water/drowning stories is the gematria of the word “DROWNING”; 112 in the reverse of gematria’s simplest cipher.

  • Naya Rivera’s birthday is January 12th; 1-12.
  • Gematria reveals that it is no coincidence that “Naya Rivera” sounds like “Nile River.” NILE RIVER sums to 112.
  • She referenced Jim Morrison who died in a bathtub on a date under CANCER (July 3rd). His father was a NAVY admiral. Jim morrison performed for THE DOORS.
  • Dolores O’Riordan who died in a bathtub, sang with the CRANBERRIES
  • Whitney Houston died in a bathtub. “HOUSTON” sums to 112
  • WHITNEY HOUSTON died on the 11th of February; 112
  • The Greeks called Sirius “SOTHIS.” the phrase “Heliacal rising of Sothis.” some to 112.
  • The Swiss soccer player who drowned in an Italian lake ahead of the 2019 women’s World Cup Final was Florijana Ismaili whose name sums to 112.
  • The first of Naya Rivera’s Glee cast members to die was CORY MONTEITH. His last name sums to 112.
  • Water is related to birth. the fetus develops in the amniotic fluid of the womb. The mother’s water breaks before she delivers.

A birth-related U.S. law is ROE vs WADE, which sums to 211 in gematria.

  • The plaintiff in the case was Norma McCORVEY a.k.a. Jane Roe. Her last name sums to 112.

the names “Roe” and “Wade” are water references: they describe ways of moving in water: “Row” as in “row a boat”, and “wade”; walking through high water.


  • The name of Mark Salling’s character in Glee is Noah Puckerman, which sums to 211
  • Dolores O’Riordan’s funeral was held on 21st January; 211.
  • 211 shows up in the swimming pool deaths at Mariano Rivera’s house in Puerto Caimito, Panama which sums to 211.
  • “MARIANO” sums to 211 in Jewish a.k.a. Latin cipher of gematria.
  • “RITUAL HUMAN SACRIFICE” sums to 211
Glyph for the element of WATER

A key element to the Naya Rivera story is her middle name MARIE. That name is a water reference. Think of the term “MARINE”; it is a WATER reference, having progeny in the Latin “MARE” for “sea.”

In Spanish “sea” is “MAR.” In French the words for “sea” and “mother’ are the same, only spelled differently: “mer” and “mére” respectively.

The most famous mother in history is Christianity’s MARY, who birthed Jesus.

Dolores O’Riordan’s middle name is MARY.

In 1969 Ted Kennedy drowned MARY Jo Kopechne.

In 2020 Maeve Kennedy drowned in MARYland.

The Freemason founders of the United States put its capital next to MARYland to invoke the water, divine feminine, manifestation principle.

D.C. was placed on the Potomac River. Gematria reveals this mystical relationship

More gematria revelation of the principle by the U.S.’ founders:

A key element of the U.S. founding manifestation/water ritual is its birthday of July 4th (7-4) or 4th of July (4-7); a date under CANCER, ruled by the MOON.

Naya Rivera invoked R&B legend Bill Withers in her final Instagram post titled “JUST THE TWO OF US” the title of one his greatest hits. Bill Withers was born on July 4th. So, he was definitely part of the ritual.

Swiss soccer star Florijana Ismaili drowned in an Italian lake on June 29th 2019, a date with 74 and 47 numerology.

This is ahead of the United States winning the World Cup lead by Megan Rapino a Cancer, which is ruled by the MOON. MOON sums to 15 gematria.

Megan Rapino’s jersey number is 15.

Florijana Ismaili drowned 15 days after her last competitive match on June 29th.

Dolores O’Riordan and Cassandra Lynn who drowned in bathtubs on the 15th day-of-the-year.

Megan Rapinoe’s birthday is 5th July 57. She is Cancer, ruled by the Moon.

The World Cup Final was attended by 57,000+ fans.

Ismaili’s height was 57“.

“FOURTH OF JULY” sums to 57.

The following water/birth terms sum to 57:

Whitney Houston and Dolores O’Riordan drowned in bathtubs in HILTON HOTELS.

MOON also sums to 51. Maya Rivera drowned in LAKE PIRU.

Remember that the suffix “MAR” is a water reference from the Latin for sea “MARE.”

Naya Rivera’s middle name MARIE is a water reference.

The deepest part of Earth’s oceans is the MARIANA TRENCH . The male form of the name MARIANA is MARIANO.


As mentioned previously: In 2004 two of Mariano Rivera’s in-laws died electrocuted and drowned in his home swimming pool in Panama.

The in-laws names were VICTOR AVILA (Sr. and Jr.), name that sums to 51.

The swimming pool electrocution and drowning occurred 51 days before Mariano’s 2004 birthday.

Naya Rivera’s most salient character is Glee’s SANTANA LOPEZ, which matches “MARIANO RIVERA” at 144.

The official story of the Rivera home swimming pool deaths is that the pool was electrically charged to discourage his pet Rottweilers from entering it. The Rottweilers are references to SIRIUS the DOG STAR. Again: the Nile floods when Sirius rises.

Whitney Houston‘s daughter Bobbi Kristina also died from complications from near-drowning in a bathtub. she died 144 days after 2015 birthday.

The July 26th death-date of Bobbi Kristina can coincide with the heliacal rising of Sirius.

Back to the two main Moon numbers 57 and 51

From the date of the swimming pool deaths at Mariano Rivera’s residence to the date of Naya Rivera’s drowning death is exactly 5751 days; the MOON numbers of gematria; 57, 51.

The two “MOON” numbers unite the two Riveras.

A number that appears often in drowning rituals is 42. 42 is a gematria code applied to black peole and women in general; of all races. 42 can be applied to both groups derogatorily.

Some water rituals are related to SIRIUS the DOG STAR. The word for a female canine is “bitch.” Since Sirius is the star of Isis/Sopdet this could be used to desecrate the Divine/Sacred Feminine.

Mariano Rivera wore jersey number 42. His nickname is SANDMAN after his into-music Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.”

“SAND MAN” also sums sums to 42.

  • Rodney King drowned in a swimming pool. His birthday is April 2nd; 42. He drowned on the anniversary of his father’s death in a bathtub at the age of 42.
  • Fitness celebrity Mandy Blank died in a bathtub on October 30th, 2018 at age 42.

  • April 2nd; 42 is also the date in 2020 that Mauve Kennedy drowned in Chesapeake Bay.
  • Whitney Houston died in a bathtub on the 42nd day of the year in 2012.
  • Swiss soccer player Florijana Ismaili drowned in Lake Como, Italy ahead of the 2019 World Cup Final. “LAKE COMO” sums to 42.

Ancient Kemet/Egypt gave Sirius the moniker “BEAUTIFUL STAR.” Gematria reveals its ritual synchronicity with many of the water/drowning events in the news:


  1. Dee on July 15, 2020 at 8:26 pm

    Also Andy Williams, who sang moon river was staying at the ambassador hotel in the kennedy suite when Bobby Kennedy, who was 42 was assasinated in 1968.

    • Rambo on July 16, 2020 at 2:07 am

      Brilliant observation! Thanks. Great contribution. These are definitely strict rules of magic/sorcery that they adhere to.

  2. redsam96 on July 16, 2020 at 4:44 am

    When you mentioned the phrase “Birth Ritual” I immediately thought of the Soundgarden song with the same name. Some of the lyrics to Birth Ritual are:

    “…Now I woke up blessed and good strives for heartache
    Marked for the death ritual…”
    “…I light a cigarette before the execution
    Now you see your crime for every miracle…”
    “…The snake retreats, admits defeat
    And waits for the birth ritual…”
    “Shining light, Child’s highs, Mark his sides…”

    It’s so heavy with Jesus symbolism, and he literally addresses the fact that he knows he’s marked to be a sacrifice, even with “mark his sides” like Jesus being speared on the cross.
    I’m not sure if there’s a whole lot of water symbolism involved, however he did die in Detroit which is connected to Lake St. Clair (named after an Italian woman saint) and he supposedly hung himself in a bathroom. Emphasis on “bath”…

    I’m really interested to hear your thoughts on this, I’ve thought about this song for awhile but I can’t crack it completely. Maybe because it’s just so blatant. Anyway thank you for your incredible insight always!

    • Rambo on July 16, 2020 at 12:51 pm

      Thanks for that. You’re spot on. I will watch the video for more symbolism. Those lyrics are clearly a metaphor for Jesus pre-crucifixion. Jesus is the snake. The snake symbol has actually been demonized. Serpents can be positive or negative. Snakes are associated with wisdom and knowledge. In Matt:10:6 Jesus says “be ye therefore wise as serpents…” In John 3:14 he compares himself to a serpent.

      “the snake (Jesus) retreats, admits defeat” = accepts that he will be crucified.

      Waiting for the birth ritual = what will happen AFTER his impending death, which will be RETURN/reincarnation. The birth ritual will happen after his death; a ritual necessary for his re-birth. He basically is determined to return/reincarnate.

  3. J_EAZY on July 16, 2020 at 9:12 am

    My friend claimed that Naya Marie Rivera & former WWE wrestler Shad Gaspard being Capricorns needed to stay away from large bodies of water…anything truthful about this?
    Rambo you said “Air and fire are masculine; earth and air are feminine.” So what’s water? I’m just wondering

    R&B Singer & Naya Marie’s ex-partner Big Sean’s current flame Jhene Aiko is linked to Naya Rivera’s passing.
    Jhene Aiko Chilombo’s mixtape Sailing Soul is 211 @ Reverse Francis Bacon, many water themes on her CDs

    Btw please tell Zachary Im sorry about DN=Date Numerology abbreviation yesterday.I was in a hurry Rambo

    • Rambo on July 16, 2020 at 1:19 pm

      Earth and water are feminine. Fire and Air are masculine. Water has to do with birth and creation. Like the amniotic fluid in the womb.

      Your friend must have been making a reading based on their astrological birth charts. So your friend was proven right. It sounds like your friend is gifted in astrology. I couldn’t have predicted that drowning but I can see the clear pattern with other water/drowning rituals.

      This pattern is definitely something to look out for. Aiko’s mixtape “Sailing”. Glee member who previously died was “Salling.”

  4. J_EAZY on July 16, 2020 at 9:53 am

    o @redsam96 brought up JESUS, now Im inspired to post this incase you sleep early because work or fatigue

    it’s a Crucifixion / mockery of YESHUA ritual, this is Biblical mockery & from “evangelical” Jhene Aiko’s 3:16 birthday to 7/9 when Naya went viral on 79 like Yeshua is 115 days like Masonic, Killing, Assassin, lucifer
    Naya Marie Rivera & Glee all 79 Aiko had 7/9 Date Numerology via 36 18 in English Ordinal & Full Reduction

    Days Left In Year was 175 like Rosicrucians, Sean’s Twitter, Facebook IG & YouTube’s background have Roses
    Rivera starred in a Glee Episode the Quarterback, Big Sean’s lead song I Don’t F With You had Sean as a QB !!

    Jhene Aiko Chilombo matches Naya Rivera’s home Santa Clarita w/ 83 like Murder & 88 year Big Sean + Efuru was born.
    Her album covers give a predictive demise of Naya since project titles about water+woman resembles Naya.

    Aiko is releasing a Chilombo Deluxe this Friday 7/17 while Big Sean’s is releasing this year
    Sean Michael Leonard Anderson & Naya Rivera = 114 in Full Reduction & English Ordinal
    Michael and Leonard is 33 @ Full Reduction if I’m not wrong like Naya’s age, Anderson & B.I.G. had 36 & 18
    Gematria + Date Numerology

    • Rambo on July 16, 2020 at 1:44 pm

      Nice QB connection! Since you mention it, it looks like Big Sean is a major element. He has two of the key numbers in drowning/water stories: BIG SEAN = 57 and 42.

  5. FreelyGiv3n on July 16, 2020 at 3:23 pm

    Nice work Rambo as always. That’s a deep dive brother. I’ve always wondered though, why are people of color associated with 42? Why not any other number ? I know the Gematria behind it, but I still can’t figure out why 42..or 59…or even 30.. Why not 7 or 21 or something of that nature.

  6. FreelyGiv3n on July 16, 2020 at 7:51 pm

    Moon represents the watery sign Cancer and Moon also denotes Mother in astrology. In the life of Moses, he was picked up from the river and is a depiction of what is going on currently. The people are being led to a “promise land”.

    Moses’s primary task was to take care of the needs of Israelites and bring them safely to the promised land . He mediated with YHWH to rain Heavenly Manna for Israelites, an act of mother who nourishes the child. Pleading on behalf of Israelite’s sins to preserve them from the warth of YHWH and occasionally blessing the congregation. Cancer Signs are hard on surface and soft from within (Crab Shell), and so was Moses which also happens to have helped him become a good administrator. A Crab, can easily travel through water as in land. Moses took the Israelites through waters by spliting the Red Sea with great easy as he took them through desert

  7. Jay Does Depth on July 16, 2020 at 11:20 pm

    wow Rambo this is amazing work! You’ve got so many angles covered its astounding.

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