NBA Hall of Famer, Bill Walton, dead at 71, the day of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals, Boston Celtics @ Indiana Pacers, May 27, 2024

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The UCLA great and man who retired with Celtics is gone at 71, from ‘cancer.’

He died on the 351st day of Jrue Holiday’s age, the 26th triangular number. Of course, Holiday went to UCLA like Walton, and was shipped to the Portland Trailblazers momentarily, Walton’s first championship team, the team that drafted him in ’74. *Oregon=74 *Holiday=74 *Killing=74

Bill Walton finished his career with the Celtics, who are on the verge of making it to their 23rd NBA Finals. In the Eastern Conference Finals, which they are up 3-0, with a potential closeout game the day of Walton’s death, they have the coach of the Pacers, a former Boston Celtic himself, Rick Carlisle, stuck on 71 Playoff wins (he is 71-78), and his record with his current team, the Pacers, is 26-25.

Again, the cause of death is ‘cancer.’

Don’t be surprised if the Celtics scored 118 points tonight.

Notice, Bill Walton has died 204 days after his birthday.

And he also died on what is typically the 147th day of the year, May 27.

The Finals begin on June 6, or 6/6, the Celtics 78th anniversary of establishment.
Boston Celtics=78, NBA Finals=78

His last year with the Celtics was ’87, and the Pope is 87 years old right now.

Last, notice how ‘Walton’ and ‘Boston’ overlap.

Last, Bill Walton’s 72nd birthday would have fallen on the date of this year’s election.
President Biden=72 *President Trump=72 *Jesuit Order=72

Again, Joe Biden’s Secret Service name is Celtic. Also, in this case, Walton died on the 148th day of the leap year, going with Mr. “The Art of the Deal.”
Donald J. Trump=148
The Art of the Deal=148


  1. wrb on May 28, 2024 at 5:37 pm

    Legendary Boston Celtic player Bill Russell died on the last day of the IGNATIUS YEAR …July 31, 2022. The Celtics,of course, won the Eastern Conference today …exactly 666 days later.

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