NBA returns July 30th, 2020, in King James / Kobe Bryant tribute

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The NBA’s return on July 30 is the day leaving 154 days in the year.

King James = 154

The Lakers can become 24-8 at home, in tribute to Kobe Bryant, who wore the jerseys 24 and 8. The Clippers can also get their 21st loss.

Lakers = 21

In the other game, it is the team who Kobe finished his career against, the Utah Jazz, and the Pelicans, Zion Williamson’s new team.

If the Pelicans win, they’ll pick up their 14th win at home.

Utah = 14

July 30th is a span of 187 days from Kobe’s death, January 26, 2020.

Pelicans vs Jazz head to head:

Today is 24 days after Zion Williamson’s July 6th birthday.
*Is it all about Kobe?

Lakers vs Clippers head to head:

74th NBA Season

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