NCAA Football commission snubs Florida State University for University of Alabama,

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This news comes Sunday, December 3, 2023.

That means today, Alabama gets in the College Football Playoff exactly 201 weeks after Kobe Bryant’s death, January 26, 2020. Again, Kobe died on the anniversary of Bear Bryant’s death. Recall, Kobe Bryant’s death had a lot to do with the number 201….

Bryant=26 & 37 (Kobe died on the 37-year anniversary of Bear Bryant’s passing)

This news comes on a Sunday, and AU is the abbreviation for gold (in alchemy gold is the sun).
Aflac=31, Alabama=31 (11th prime) (Sun has 11 year cycle)

Recall, Kobe’s death was synced with the Pope, dying at 41, while traveling from Catholic Mass, on the Pope’s 41st day of his age. *Catholic Pope=201 *Pope=56

And recall, Kobe was buried in Corona del Mar after Event 201, the coronavirus pandemic simulation.
Coronavirus=56, Covid Vaccine=56, Corona del Mar=56, Anthony Fauci=56, Gavin Newsom=56

And the list goes on… It’s also no accident Deion Sanders is 56-years-old right now.
Black Lives Matter=56

Remember, Black Lives Matter reached epic participation during the time of Covid lockdowns.

The importance of 56 is apparent.
Occultism=56, Cult=56, Freemasons=56, Society of Jesus=56

It is associated with the most famous symbol, used by the Masons, and the Jesuit legacy, the Illuminati.
All Seeing Eye=56

It is apparent in ritual after ritual.

As for the team that got snubbed, Florida State, it is a reminder that all season they have been showing the ad with Florida State alumni, Deion Sanders, and Nick Saban, the coach of Alabama.

Look at the Aflac ad spots, 56 seconds, 31 seconds… *Alabama=31

Notice Aflac was established in Georgia, where Alabama upset Georgia, December 2, 2023, in the SEC Championship game.

And for one more 56, it is the location. *Aflac Building=56

This company is 68-years-old, and today is the 337th day of the year, the 68th prime number. It’s all ‘mathematics.’ Learn #Gematria.


  1. Wakenblaise on December 3, 2023 at 2:04 pm

    Also Norvell improved to 69 wins and was also blocked by the 69 team Texas.
    2 0ne loss teams knocked them out of contention. Nice little 201.

  2. k1 on December 3, 2023 at 3:36 pm

    masonic ritual 56
    jewish ritual 56
    high treason 56

  3. Gunnar Grossdeutschland on December 4, 2023 at 12:44 pm

    If I was the Florida State coach, my team would not show up for the ‘Consolation Bowl’ they will be ‘awarded’. Unfortunately, money motivates (enthralls) these pathetic pawns. So be it.

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