New omicron variants (BA.4 & BA.5) target lungs and escape antibodies of vaccinations and prior infections, June 22, 2022 news

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Notice the date on the new Omicron variant was released June 22, 2022, a date with 70 numerology. It serves as a reminder of all the “70” Omicron rituals to date, and that Omicron has a value of 70 in the Greek letter counting system.
6/22/2022 = 6+22+20+22 = 70
Coronavirus = 70
Covid Vaccine = 70

As for the focus on BA.4 and BA.5, recall this Time magazine article about the threats of the strain from June 15, 2022, which marked 201-days since Omicron became the focus of the news, November 26, 2021, Black Friday.

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