New York City’s Oculus and the Stegosaurus

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I have stated that from my perspective the World Trade Center Transportation Hub also known as The Oculus looked like it may have been designed after a type of dinosaur named a Stegosaurus.

It may not appear that way when seen up close in person at ground level but a farther view will illustrate why I made the comparison; and gematria will agree.

The Stegosaurus is unique in the large double crest that runs along its back, similar to the double spiked crests of the Oculus.

A skeletal view of the Stegosaurus is even more similar to the Oculus.

The Oculus transportation hub was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava.

Gematria suggests that there is a connection to the Stegosaurus:

“Santiago Calatrava” and “Stegosaurus” match in gematria’s simplest cipher.

Popular culture celebrates the Stegosaurus with the character “Spike” from the movie series The Land Before Time. You can see how “SPIKE” relates to the Oculus design.

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