New York Gov. Cuomo nominated for an Emmy for his 111 coronavirus broadcasts, November 20, 2020 news

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An Emmy, for the 56th Governor of New York, who is Jesuit educated, in relation to his coronavirus coverage?

And don’t forget when his CNN anchor Brother Chris Cuomo got the corona.

And notice the emphasis on ‘leadership’ in the headlie.

And notice how Jesuit educated Gavin Newsom who said 56% of California will get coronavirus in 8 weeks (which is 56 days) is getting the recognition too.

And how about the 111 episodes for the New York Governor?

Don’t forget that 9/11 occurred in New York, on the day leaving 111 days in the year, or that we called the Mets in the 111th World Series, in Spring Training, and they made it, and lost on 11/1, November 1, on Matt Harvey’s 111th pitch.

11/20/2020 = 11+20+20+20 = 71 *Catholic = 71 *The Society of Jesus = 71

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