New York Times publishes story about Samuel Alito flying the US flag upside down, May 16, 2024

Federal Government News Predictive Programming

January 17, 2021 was 74 days before Samuel Alito’s April 1 birthday.

It’s a reminder that DC is the Masonic City. *Masonic=74 *Occult=74

Samuel Alito is 74 right now.

The New York Times broke the news yesterday, 45 days after Alito’s birthday, or on his 46th day of his age, and the flag went upside down three days before Inauguration Day, after a contest between #45 and the man who became #46. Think about it.
Ritual=45 *Catholic=46

This news comes 40 months later. *United States=40 *US=40

The New York Times published this news the day the Dow Jones hit 40,000 for the first time.

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