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Noor Bin Ladin

Osama bin Laden’s niece Noor made international news when she endorsed (on social media) Donald Trump for the 2020 U.S. Presidential election.

Read Zach’s decode on the story here.

I have stated that prominent women; women who achieve leadership positions, achieve “firsts” or are in the news as celebrities or headline news stories, are coded primarily on ancient goddess archetypes and esoteric feminine principles.

The code is based primarily on the planet and Roman goddess VENUS and its gematria value of 54. The planet Venus rules the zodiac signs of TAURUS and LIBRA. VENUS is “NOGA” in Hebrew which sums to 17 and 71 which are major “Sacred Feminine” numbers. “Sacred Feminine sums to 71.”

42 is the other key number as it is the gematria value of the words “FEMALE,” “LADY”, “FEMININE”, “FEMME “(French for ‘woman’). WATER is a feminine element and emerges in the code along with the number 42.


The above tweet circulated in the world’s media was chosen because of its rich symbolism; WATER features prominently, and it was tweeted on a date with 42 numerology. May 17th, 2020. 5+17+20 = 42.

The date May 17th falls under the tropical zodiac sign of TAURUS, which is ruled by VENUS. The pentagrams on her tracksuit and on the American flag represent VENUS.

17 71

Osama Bin Laden’s niece spells their last name differently than the rest of the family does: L.A.D.I.N. instead of L.A.D.E.N. This for gematria reasons: Her full name sums to 71 in gematria.

The picture was tweeted on the 17th of the month, and had received 701 likes at the time. 701 = 71 in numerology.

This story emerges in the run up to the election when Donald Trump’s own niece Mary L Trump has made headlines with the release of an anti-Trump book intended to undermine his popularity. Nieces are a theme here. “NIECES” sums to 107, the same as 17 in numerology.

“Mary L Trump” sums to 59, the 17th prime.

The name “Mary” is a water reference, from the Latin for “sea”: “MARE.”

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  1. Cshev on September 15, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Hi Rambo. Shapsh was the Caananite Sun Goddess = 71 ordinal. Something interesting is the 47. In Hebrew is Asherah = 11, 47, and 506, or 56. In the Canaanite and Egyptian she was also known as Qetesh. I’ve mentioned her with Amunet that both are 74 and 88 in ordinal and reverse, it is also numbers of Jewish and Harlot. The word for sacred harlot, or Temple prostitute is Qedeshah in Hebrew. In the Jewish reduced and Bacon’s short cipher it = 47. If we use Qeteshah it is 47 in single reduction. 74 the reflection of 47. From Wikipedia:””On stele representing the deity, Qetesh is represented as a frontal nude standing on a LION, often between Min of Egypt and the Canaanite warrior god Resheph. “” Lion = 47 in Jewish ordinal and Bacon’s simple, also 119 in Jewish. Ezekiel 19:””1And you, take up a lamentation for the princes of Israel, 2and say:
    What was your mother? A lioness!
    Among lions she crouched;
    in the midst of young lions
    she reared her cubs.”” In Hebrew אֲרִי lion = 211 the 47th prime. This Stele is interesting in our time period because Resheph is the deity associated with PLAGUE. Plague = 59 in ordinal. Resheph is also the meaning burning or flame. Resheph in ordinal is 79 the 22 prime, as in 2020. In reverse single reduction he is 47. So, was Katy Perry riding on the lion as the Goddess connected with the deity Resheph? Qetesh is depicted wearing a Hathor hairdo. Katy does her hair like Hathor. Hathor in reverse single reduction = 47. Qetesh is a semitic goddess in Egypt whose name means “The Holy One” from Hebrew Qadesh. In the Jewish ciphers “the Holy One” = 47, 119, and = 47 in Chaldean. Perry also relates herself to Aphrodite = 147 in reverse, and 47 in Jewish reduced and Bacon’s. Have to remember Mary Magdalene = 119 and Devine feminine =911 in Jewish. I am older, and out of touch with young people’s gaming, but in looking at the deities I found that the video game Assassin’s Creed has characters Qetesh and Resheph. War Elephants. Elephants = 44 RR, and Kill is 44, and 17 reduced with 59 Jewish. Assassin’s creed= 47, 97 (with a prime of 509 so 59), 155 (with a prime 907, so 97) and 223. PlayStation 3 = 47, 67 ,155. The Game is in the time period of the Templars and Crusades. There is the “the Hashshashin sect.” = 77 reduced and 94 reverse r. (94 has sum of divisors of 144), also 106 and 187 in Jewish reduced and Ordinal. The protagonist is Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad. Altair Ibn-La’Ahad= 59 and 113. Altair = 47 rr and 211 Jewish, the 47th prime.

    Now, I don’t know if you’ve heard of John Allegro. He did work on the dead sea scrolls and also wrote “The sacred Mushroom and the cross.” Allegro 70, 119. The bush that spoke to Moses in the Hebrew was a seneh from the Hebrew meaning thornbush =47 and 119 in Jewish reduced and ordinal ,and Bacon’s like “the holy one” above. .Deuteronomy 33 had the blessings come on the head of Joseph from the sheken Sineh, meaning the one who was present or dwelt in the thornbush. Shekhinah the Hebrew word for the presence of God = 47 in our reduced. The Presence = 59 the 17th prime in Jewish reduced and Bacon’s short. She never returned to the Temple in Jerusalem after the first temple was stripped of the Asherah by Josiah, and then Babylon captivity happened. Jeremiah 44 shows the ones who worshipped her went to Egypt instead. In the book of Enoch she was Wisdom or chokmah = 59 ordinal, 56 Jewish reduced and Bacon’s short, who no longer found a place on earth and went back to stay with the angels. In Proverbs, Wisdom is the “tree of life”. Tree of life 97 in Jewish ordinal and bacon’s simple. The 97th prime 509 = 59 the 17th prime. In Genesis 49 the Blessing for Joseph was from Shaddai, or Shadday in Hebrew, and was of the “breasts and womb” 47 septenary, 156 (911) ordinal and 22 RO. . Shadday in Francis Bacon’s = 59, or a rule of colel +1 in Jewish ordinal the 17th prime. In English it says Almighty, but language scholars have written that Shadday or Shaddai SDI would likely come from Shad for breast. In Genesis 49’s blessing, breasts is Shadayim.

    The Mushroom that is an entheogen and looks like a burning thornbush is the Amanita = 59 ordinal. Amanita Muscaria to be exact, = 144 ordinal and 56 Jewish reduced and Bacon’s short. It is fire red with the look of white thorns dotted all over it. It is the mushroom that they historically used in Christmas card scenes with Santa Claus, who dressed in red and white. Reindeer were used to find the mushrooms in the north, like pigs to truffles. Santa Claus = 111, 159, 666 Sumerian, 33 Jewish reduced. Claus = 56 ordinal, 17, 53 in Jewish reduced and ordinal like Bacon’s mary and moon, and = 314 in Jewish. Shadday (SDY)= 314 in Hebrew. I’ll add that the naked Qetesh, related to shaddai and breasts, had “naked breasts” = 119. Breasted = 74 ordinal and 71 in Jewish ordinal and bacon’s. I’ll also add that in the original King James Bible of 1611 was the Apocrypha, and in Esdras 14 it has Ezra re-writing the Torah because it had been burned up. He hallucinates a talking bush and writes more than was originally written. That may have been when the divine feminine was turned into a tree and replaced by the written law. The Priests no longer connected to the divine feminine in the Holy of Holies in order to be the Word of the God with Mother and Father, as described in the writings of Philo Alexander from Alexandria Egypt in the first century.

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