NFL players protest the National Anthem & the National Black Anthem, September 10, 2020

Black Lives Matter Racism Sports

Read this post to understand the ritual of what took place in the first NFL game of the year, September 10, 2020:

Patrick Mahomes became 25-7 in the regular season with the win, on ‘Thursday Night Football’.

Thursday Night Football = 257

Today was 257 days after LeBron’s birthday… and he beat Houston as well, in the NBA, defeating the rockets, similar to how Mahomes took down the Texans.

Also, the Chiefs, as defending champions, won 34-20, over the Texans, after winning Super Bowl 54, and better yet, today was 54 days before the November 3, 2020 election. *Let us not forget how the Super Bowl was was synced with the impeachment theater, which was also synced with the World Series, and the number 138… speaking of which, the rookie running back for the Chiefs, who went to LSU, had 138 rushing yards in his first game… and he should have never fallen to the Chiefs in the draft.

Another coincidence, and to think, the Chiefs just won the Super Bowl over the ‘Forty-Niners’, and they have scored 64 points in Super Bowls, and had 62 points scored against them.

Kansas City Chiefs = 64

The name Chloe X stands out.

Kansas City = 67 *Wuhan = 23 / 67

Chiefs = 31 *Houston = 31

Thursday Night Football = 95

*Moment of Unity = 62 / 64

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