Nicki Minaj’s father dead at 64, February 12, 2021, on her 67th day of her age | Satanic Blood Sacrifice

Celebrity Entertainment Murder by Numbers

67th day of her age? On 1/22, like 122?

It was a date with 35 and 55 numerology.

2/12/21 = 2+12+21 = 35
2/12/2021 = 2+12+20+21 = 55

And notice this is 2 months and 5 days from her 38th birthday.

Read more about 38 and death.

And her father was 64.

For another, they’re blaming the death on a ‘hit and run’.

Notice how the phrase connects with ‘sacrifice’.

Again, it happened on the 35 date, connecting to ‘rap’ and ‘svengali’.

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