Nikema Williams to replace John Lewis on November ballot, July 20, 2020 news

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John Lewis died July 17th, 2020, the same day as CT Vivian, meaning he died 13 days before Nikema Williams July 30th birthday. She is 41 right now, and 41 is the 13th prim. *Star = 13

Of course, that means she is turning 42 in 10 days as of this news.

Ten = 7+22+13 = 42 (Alphabetic Order in Reverse)

From today’s news to the election is 106 days. I talked about this number in a big way with CT Vivian’s death, and in light of all that is going on with George Floyd, and Acts 7:6.

Prophecy = 106

Black = 106

Black Lives Matter = 106

I can’t breathe = 106

NASCAR BLM car debuted June 10, or 10/6 *NASCAR = 106

John Lewis also died a span of 110 days from the election.

Prophecy = 106 / 110

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