Nikola Jokic makes NBA Finals history in 109-94 win, on his 109th day of his age, June 7, 2023


The Nuggets won 109-94 on Nikola Jokic’s 109th day of his age, Wednesday, June 7, 2023. Notice they won by 15, like his jersey number, and Miami lost with 94 points (Denver = 94 + an NBA court is 94′ long). Adding to the ritual, the Nuggets have now outscored Miami by 23 points in the series (Joker = 23), and in this game Jokic scored 32 points (Denver = 32). As they say, they couldn’t have scripted it any better.

Also, this is the 76th NBA anniversary season, the Nuggets joined the NBA in ’76, and the date of this record can be written 7/6.


  1. DIVINE NUMBERSS on June 8, 2023 at 2:44 pm

    Lol you definitely don’t see it huh? Maybe you should start reading in between the Lines and stop focusing on the Headlines, this is the reason why you can’t find the winner but have to put Narratives and Scenarios for both teams even though the winners are clear as day… you don’t know who will win cause you don’t see why the Nuggets are even facing the Heat in the first place. As the person who actually had this matchup in January (can prove it anytime) your notes are very entertaining to read, may I add they are Subpar at best.

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