North Korea fires suspected ballistic missile, Japan says, October 8, 2022

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Kim Jong-un’s latest news breaks on the 274th day of his age. Tomorrow will be 274 days after his birthday… Of course, 274 is the year AD that the Catholic Church began worshiping the suns birthday on December 25. And the Jesuit motto, the Catholic Order, is, ‘Iesus Hominum Salvator,’ abbreviated IHS, inside the sun, which is the Jesuit Order’s logo. Of course, North Korea’s flag is a STAR, and the sun is said to be a STAR.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 274
-Tomorrow is 10/9
-Military = 109
-Documented post about Kim Jong-un from October 9, 2004
-Tomorrow leaves 83 days in the year (Murder = 83)
-Murder by Numbers (the song) in ’83
-It’s about how killing is the sport of the “elected”
–Murder = 38
–Kim Jong-un is 38 right now (after having his birth year changed from ’83 to ’84 back in 2015)
–It’s documented

39 weeks, and just before his 39th birthday
World War II began in ’39 *Great War = 39 *War = 39 *Masonry = 39 *Secrecy = 39 *Federal = 39

Notice the 9 months and 1 days. Recall, ’91 was the year the Soviet Union broke about, and the year Gorbachev, the last leader of the Soviet Union, died at (just recently). Also, 91 has been THE NUMBER with the entire Brittney Griner story.
Griner = 91
Phoenix = 91

Notice the 2:18 post time. Holy Roman Empire = 218

And recall this old nuclear threat from North Korea.

And in light of today being 92 days before Kim Jong-un’s birthday, read this older post about September 2, big bombs, and Kim Jong-un (9/2 like 92…).
Uranium (Atomic Number 92)
Manhattan = 92 (Manhattan Project to develop these weapons…)

*Today is also a span of 93-days from his upcoming 39th birthday.
Japan = 93 (Who broke the news)
Atomic Bomb = 93 (What he is after)
-’93 WTC Bombing (In Manhattan)

Today is 35 days before the Superior General’s birthday.
Catholic = 35
Holy See = 35

Today is 70 days before Pope Francis’s birthday.
Francis = 70
Vatican = 70

I have A LOT of old posts on Kim Jong-un by the numbers here.

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