Novak Djokovic and wife announce they have coronavirus, June 23, 2020, his 33rd day of being 33 years old, on a 33 date numerology

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Notice that top headline, the story about the CDC spending $7 trillion on coronavirus…  The headline itself, saying the virus has ‘brought this nation to its knees’ is symbolic.

This news comes on the 33rd day of Novak Djokovic’s age, 33.  Of course, he has had the MOST SCRIPTED career, as we’ve been covering and predicting the outcomes of correctly for years.

This comes after the ‘Adria’ Tour event.

Recall what 33 connects to, including ‘corona’.

Further, today has a life lesson number of 33.

6/23/2020 = 6+23+(2+0+2+0) = 33

As I’ve been pointing out, 152 is a hot number.

*City of London = 152 (Banking corporation of the world)

His birthday, May 22, or 22/5, like 225, connects to another hot number.

3:53 post time

353, 71st prime; Catholic = 71

This news comes on the day leaving 191 days left in the year.

Society of Jesus = 191

This observation below factors in with the death of the Batman director yesterday, and the announcement about Michael Keaton.

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