Nuggets advance to NBA Finals in ultimate Joker ritual (Novak Djokovic to Donald Trump), May 22, 2023

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The National Basketball Association = 113
The NBA Finals = 111

The Nuggets advanced to their first NBA Finals lead by the “Joker,” Nikola Jokic.

Notice they did it on May 22, 2023, the birthday of another Joker, Novak Djokovic.

Keep an eye on the French Open, going on during the NBA Finals.

On top of that, as we discussed in April, the Nuggets could go to their first NBA Finals in tribute to Donald Trump (Batman) who was just in court in the same building they filmed the latest Joker movie in (April 4, 2023).

Notice the Nuggets became 88-138 vs. Lakers all-time.
Trump = 88
Donald Trump = 138
-The Lakers stayed on 138 wins after Jim Brown died on 138th day of year

This came 48 days after Donald Trump’s April 4 day in the “Joker” court.
Donald Trump = 48

And keep in mind this is the 76th NBA anniversary season, and 77th total season.
Donald John Trump = 76
Joker = 76

Notice Trump will turn from 76 to 77 during the NBA Finals.
The Denver Nuggets = 76 & 77

That means Denver advanced 23 days before Donald Trump’s birthday.
Donald = 23
Joker = 23
Sweep = 23

And notice the Nuggets improved to 94-131 in the Playoffs.
Denver = 94
Championship = 131

And for one more reminder about the sweep…
Sweep = 68 (Denver = 68)
Sweep = 67 (Lakers got 67th loss in Game 4s)
Sweep = 23 (It is 2023)
Sweep = 22 (On the 22nd)

Also, the Nuggets advanced on Joker’s 93rd day of his age.
Nuggets = 93
Saturn = 93 & 56
Nuggets = 56th season

Joker broke a 56-year-old record set by Wilt Chamberlain in the same game.

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