Officers killed Daniel Prude by putting a ‘hood’ over his head, September 2, 2020 news

Black Lives Matter Murder by Numbers News Police State Racism

*Mental Health = 119 *George Floyd = 119

March 23? That was the 83rd day of 2020, and as we know, the song Murder by Numbers, by the Police, came out in ’83. Of course, George Floyd was also pulled over by police cruiser 830.

Read more about Murder by Numbers, 38 and 83 here:

The Jesuit controlled New York Times broke this story September 2, 2020, 163 days after March 23, and 163 is the 38th prime, also connecting to ‘murder’, as well as ‘death’, ‘killing’, and ‘RIP’.

163, the 38th prime

Recall, ‘Minnesota’ sums to 38, and George Floyd was killed on 38th St.

As for the name Daniel Prude… the gematria tells the tale.

The name ‘Prude’ also stands out.

And then the ‘hood’ part… it’s a 42 ritual, and probably paying tribute to the recent Spike Lee film, Blackkklansman.

Keep in mind the big Jackie Robinson & Jesuit ritual just took place, and Robinson’s military career began at Fort Hood.

Then notice this… 3:16 AM, Jesus Christ… John 3:16?

Don’t forget Jesus Christ = 316 in Hebrew Gematria.

Then 3:20 AM? Remember, George Floyd was killed next to police cruiser 320, after being pulled out of a Mercedes ML 320.

Roman Catholic Church = 320

As for the 3:27 time, those are the prime factors of 42, 2, 3 and 7.

And for more Jesuit fingerprints, notice how ‘Rochester, New York’ fits in.


He died March 30, or 3/30. 3+30 = 33

Remember, the George Floyd rioting began on East 33rd Street.

From the death to the news was 156 days later, and 911 is the 156th prime.

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