On the eve of Michael Jordan’s 59th birthday, the Chicago Bulls improve to 23-8 @ home in their 59th game of the season (and UNC Tar Heels fall to 18-8)

Jesuit Racism Sports

His college, UNC, fell to 18-8.
Michael Jeffrey Jordan = 188
Greatest Of All Time = 188

-Pitt won with 76
-Michael Jordan = 76

Pitt won with 76.

And notice his former Wizards lost to the Pacers, who scored 113.
Wizards stayed on 26 wins *Jordan = 26

Also, don’t overlook that Jordan’s Bulls got their 23rd home win, as well as their 23rd win in the Eastern Conference in light of Jordan being remembered for #23. It goes along with why UNC could only muster 23-points in the first half of their loss to Pitt, that paid +700.

Keep in mind DeMar DeRozan tied Jordan’s record on this day for 8-straight games with 30+ points.

Notice, he is tied with the 76er, Joel Embiid, for the longest current active streak.
Tiger = 59 / 76
Michael Jordan = 59 / 76

Jordan’s birthday, 17/2
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam = 172

Notice the ritual is synced with his 33rd birthday. *Michael = 33

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