Oregon falls to Utah, 10-38 in Pac-12 championship (as expected) after Ty Jordan’s death at 10:38 PM, December 3, 2021

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Utah beats Oregon in the Pac-12 Championship, 10-38, and at the end of last season on Chritmas Day, they lost their running back in a shooting, that reportedly happened at 10:38 PM.

Christmas = 38
Killing = 38
Murder = 38
Death = 38
RIP = 38
*Oregon = 38

Keep in mind Utah beat Oregon both times this year, with 38 points.

Plus, in the Pac-12 Championship, it came 12-days after the Utah coach’s birthday, and he got his 144th career win (square root 12) and Utah picked up their 12th win vs. Oregon all-time.

Furthermore, Aaron Lowe was killed more recently, and like Ty Jordan, he was 22-years-old and a former Utah football player. *Utah = 22 *Dead = 22

Of course, this game was 22 days before the Christmas anniversary killing of Jordan.

Strangely enough, the two were high school teammates as well, so it makes one wonder.


  1. jbracc8922 on December 4, 2021 at 12:14 pm

    Utah Utes 44- Septenary

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