Oxford, Michigan school shooter’s sentencing takes place December 8, 2023

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This news comes a span of 739 days from the November 30, 2021 shooting.
739, 131st prime

Michigan has won the Big 10 championship every year since the shooting (’21, ’22, ’23).

This year they have a chance to play for the NCAA Football National Championship.

Recall the way Michigan paid tribute to the Oxford shooting victims in the 2021 championship game.


And notice they had a school shooting two days before this, at UNLV. As we discussed, that shooting is also synced with their sports teams.

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  1. GregRamsey74 on December 8, 2023 at 6:33 pm

    This also came on the shooting death anniversaries of John Lennon and Darrell Abbott(Dimebag).

    This came 31-days before the college football national championship.
    31, the 11th prime going with the game of football being 11 vs 11.
    “Sentencing” = 110

    This also came a span of 4-weeks and 4-days from the championship.
    “Michigan” = 44
    “Shooting” = 44

    “Oxford, Michigan” = 83
    “Murder” = 83
    “Football” = 83

    12/8/2023 = 12+8+20+23 = 63
    “Oxford Shooting” = 63

    This also came 104-days after Michigan University’s birthday, going with this coming during the 104th NFL season.
    Or on the 105th day of Michigan U’s 206th birthday.
    “Oxford, Michigan Shooter” = 105
    “Michigan Wolverines” = 206
    “Ritual Sacrifice” = 206

    This came 28-days after the anniversary of the publication date of the first appearance of Wolverine in Hulk #181 of Marvel Comics. 181, the 42nd prime, going with their 42 ritual in that game to honor the shooting victims.
    “Kill” = 28
    *”Hulk 181″ = 201(This issue is considered the “Holy Grail” of comics.
    “Holy Grail” = 46
    “Michigan” = 46
    “Catholic” = 46

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