Pat Riley advances to NBA Finals, Lakers vs. Heat set, September 27, 2020, the Jesuit birthday

Jesuit Sports
*The National Basketball Association = 113 *Kobe Bryant = 113

This victory on September 27, 2020, putting the Heat in the NBA Finals, came 191 days after Pat Riley’s birthday, the man from Rome, New York, and today the Society of Jesus was recognized by Rome.

Pat Riley has BIG history with the Lakers and Heat

His birthday is March 20, or 3/20, like 320.

Recall, the NBA was originally scheduled to resume on July 31, 2020, the day in history Ignatius of Loyola died, the founder of the Jesuits.


  1. Caps Lock on September 28, 2020 at 2:46 am

    It would seem Kobe Bryant’s accident early this year was an omen for 2020.
    Kobe’s last birthday was on 8/23/19.
    From his last birthday till Event 201 on Oct 18th was 56 days.
    From his last birthday till the WHO declared a worldwide pandemic on
    March 11th was 201 days.

    Kobe Bryant = 113
    Kobe was buried on Feb 7th, 33 days before March 11th (11 x 3 = 33).
    His memorial was on Feb 24th leaving 311 days till the end of the year.

    His first game played as a Laker was 11/03/96.
    From that first game played till his last game on 4/13/16 was 7100 days (like 71).
    The final game was his 66th played that year. He scored 60 points.
    And you’ll recall his 81 point game was his 666th played.
    That game was on 1/22/06. The Lakers scored 122. He scored 66% of the points.
    Eighty-one = 54. Eighty-one points = 84, 201

    Magic Johnson may have a connection. He is possibly the most
    famous person with another known virus called HIV, often called
    The AIDS Virus = 56 Magic Johnson = 56
    His career with the Lakers ended in 1996. He played 32 games, same as his number.
    Kobe’s career also began in 1996. Kobe wore jersey numbers 8 and 24
    which added together equals 32.
    Kobe’s number 24 added to Magic’s number 32 equals 56.

    Magic announced he had HIV on 11/07/91, the 311th day of year,
    leaving 54 days till the end of year.
    Magic’s birthday that year was 8/14/91 which adds up to 113.
    From Kobe’s accident to Magic’s birthday in 2020 was 201 days.

    Gianna Bryant = 54 and 126 like the date of the accident.
    Gianna Maria Onore Bryant = 235. Kobe was born on the 235th day of the year.
    Gianna Bryant was born 5/01/2006, a date with 32 numerology.
    Her nickname, Gigi = 32 in multiple ciphers.

    May 1st is known as May Day. A term used when a craft is in imminent danger.
    Mayday is often the last spoken word prior to a crash.
    Mayday = 24, Kobes number. Kobe’s two jersey numbers were 8 and 24
    which added together = 32.

    Mayday is from the French word M’aidez which means Help Me.
    M’aidez = 32 Help Me = 32 Gigi = 32

    Another term for helicopter is Copter = 32 Accident = 32

  2. David G. Olsen on September 28, 2020 at 3:08 pm

    March 20, 2020 was a very special day. It was 6765 days after 9-11 and 6765 is the 20th Fibonacci #. It’s also a big fat 322. Justice for George Floyd=322. Pat Riley=106 110. Justice for George Floyd=106 110. The “Heat” as in the police are going to get their comeuppance in this series. Remember the show “Miami Vice?” Crockett and Tubbs=178 119 like George Floyd. Tyler Herro= 63 and 99(h,e) exceptions like racism. “Tubbs” ( the black cop in the show)=64, 71 like Herro= 64, 71. Rico Tubbs=37 like Herro=37 (and they just had that big 37 ritual with him against Boston.) Crockett and Tubbs=52 like Minnesota=52. Minneapolis/Los Angeles Lakers=113 157 (Kobe of course) and 406 FB like 46 like how LeBron will become 4-6. Patrick Riley=199 FB the 46th prime. Riley=66 like Lakers and LeBron. In 1966 Buffalo Springfield came out with the song “For what it’s worth” =223 in 1966. One of the verses starts with the lyric “What a field day for the heat.” For what it’s worth=79 and 83 like Miami Heat. The song was written by Stephen Stills=178 52. Policeman=43, George Floyd=43, Don Johnson=43, Pat Riley=43, “Jimmy Buckets”=43, Minneapolis=43(Chaldean).

  3. GregRamsey74 on September 29, 2020 at 8:28 pm

    I was staring at Miami’s logo last night and was suddenly struck by how closely it resembles a helicopter on fire, much like Kobe’s helicopter crash which was said to have burst into flames. This is just another sick joke of course.

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