Patrick Mahomes $400 million deal on July 6, 2020, in light of what we’ve been talking about with Acts 7:6 and the 400 year prophecy

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Patrick Mahomes signed a contract worth more than $400 million on July 6, or 7/6, after more than a year of talking about Acts 7:6 and the prophecy of 400 years, that hit, August 20, 2019, as the 100th NFL season was taking off, that Patrick Mahomes won. Keep in mind, at the start of the season, we heavily discussed the 400 year prophecy and ESPN calling the 100th NFL season the year of the Black Quarterback, where in the 100th season, a black rookie QB, Kyler Murray, won the offensive player of the year, Lamar Jackson, a black QB, won league MVP and Patrick Mahomes, a black QB won Super Bowl MVP,

Read about Mahomes signing the contract 293 days after his birthday, the 62nd prime, connecting to ‘Patrick Mahomes’ and ‘four hundred’. Read here:

In light of Acts 7:7 following Acts 7:6, the Chiefs became 7-7 versus the 49ers in Super Bowl 54, and Mahomes signed his contract 5 months and 4 days after its conclusion.

Read more about ESPN’s Year of the Black QB:

For the record, Mahomes deal came 322 days after August 20, 2019, the date that marked 400 years since slavery began in the U.S.

Abrahamic Religions = 322

Ancient Mystery Religions = 322

Think Walter Camp, think Yale, think Skull and Bones. And this ties in with the April 5th death of Bobby Mitchell, on Mahome’s 202nd day of his age:

Skull and Bones = 202 (They identify by 322)

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