Patrick Mahomes wins against in primetime, 34-20, as the Super Bowl 54 defending champion | Rigged football for DUMMIES


54 points. The mockery.

Andy Reid got his 83rd win with the Chiefs over the Texans

*Ravens = 25 / 34 *Black = 34

In both primetime games, the Chiefs have won 34-20, first beating the Texans, and now the Ravens. For the season, Mahomes is 3-0 against black QBs, all of whom have darker skin than Patrick Mahomes, and they’re making it all about race this year. The three he has beaten are DeShaun Watson, Tyrod Taylor and Lamar Jackson (Tyrod Taylor was a late scratch for the game, so technically Herbert).

Of course, 34 to 20 is 54 points and the Chiefs won Super Bowl 54.

Jesuit Order = 54 *Joe Montana = 54

In tonight’s game, Mahomes became 15-4 on the road, just like how Week 1, it was #15, Mahomes, vs. #4, Watson. Also, the NBA Finals start in two days, and LeBron is 35, and he signed with the Lakers for $154 million.

King James = 35 / 154

Also, Mahomes became 27-7 in the regular season tonight.

277, 59th prime *Negro = 59 *Slave = 59 *Blues = 59

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