Paul Mooney, comedian, dead at 79, one day after the 43-year anniversary of The Buddy Holly Story, May 19, 2021

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Paul Mooney has died one week before the lunar eclipse (moon) of May 26, 2021.

Chappelle’s Show = 216 (Mooney born on the 216th day of the year, August 4)

Paul Mooney is dead on Malcolm X Day, May 19, 2021, and he is remembered for starring in The Buddy Holly Show, Bamboozled and Chappelle’s Show. In the case of Bamboozled, that is a word Malcolm X often used, and you might recall the way Barack Obama mimicked the use of the word on the campaign trail in 2008. Notice Paul Mooney was born on August 4 as well, the same as Barack Obama, the winner of the 56th U.S. Presidential Election.

Dave Chappelle = 56 *Society of Jesus = 56 / 79 *Murder = 79

Speaking of Dave Chappelle, he is dead 97 days before Chappelle’s 48th birthday, August 24, 2021.
Death = 97 *Chappelle’s 97

Chappelle is 47. *Paul Mooney = 47

And worse yet, he is dead one day after the 43-year anniversary of the release date of The Buddy Holly Story, which came out May 18, 1978.

Notice Paul Mooney equates to 43 as well as 47.

RIP = 43 *Killing = 43 *Masonic = 43 *Lucifer = 43

Keep is mind he is dead on the 139th day of the year. *Freemasonry = 139, America = 139

Think of the 47 degrees on the Masonic Compass.

Furthermore, 139 is the 34th prime, and Buddy Holly died on the 34th day of the year, and he was born September 7, a date that can be written 7/9, like 79, or 9/7, like 97…

Also, Samuel Cook equates to 34, and he played Sam Cooke in the Buddy Holly inspired film.

See more on Buddy Holly’s death in my first book, Letters & Numbers.

His name had fateful gematria as well.

Paul Gladney = 118 (Death = 118) (Homicide = 118)
Paul Gladney = 46 (Sacrifice = 46)
Gladney = 121 *Blood Sacrifice = 121


  1. NeoTheHacker on May 19, 2021 at 4:59 pm

    Paul Mooney died on his 289th day of his age. (The square root of 289 is 17.) Kill = 17.
    He died 41 weeks after his birthday, in the city of “Oakland“ = 41.
    He died at the age of 79 which is the 22nd prime. Paul = 22. Oakland = 22.
    He died on a “Wednesday” = 37 and 44. Comedian = 37 and 44. Kill = 44.
    The news is reporting that he died at 5:30AM. His real name “Paul Gladney” = 53.
    (5:30AM is the 330th minute of the day. Mooney = 33.)
    He died 38 weeks after Chappelle’s birthday. Death, Murder, Killing all sum to 38.
    He starred in ‘The Richard Pryor Show‘ which aired 43 years before his death. Paul Mooney = 43. Killing = 43.
    Throughout his career he was associated with ‘Richard Pryor‘ who died at the age of 65. Now Paul Mooney is dead on 65 date numerology.

    Every news article was making sure to report that he died at Oakland California…the same day the Golden State Worriers (who are from Oakland) are scheduled to face the Lakers right before the playoffs. What’s interesting about that is, today is Steph Curry’s 67th day of his age. Human Sacrifice = 67. Blood Sacrifice = 67.
    And Steph Curry is currently 33 years old. Mooney = 33.

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