Paula Kelly, actress, dead at 76, day of 92nd Grammy’s, February 9, 2020, day of the ‘Joker’

Entertainment Murder by Numbers

This death comes the day of the Oscars, where Joker is up for ’11’ awards, the ‘Master’ number.

Read about the Joker’s 11 nominations here:

Keep in mind, the Joker’s love interest in the film is a black woman, like Paula Kelly.

Her death comes 111-days after her birthday, or on her 112th day of her age. *Theater = 112

The death comes 104-days after the Joker’s birthday, Joaquin Phoenix.

She has also died on a date with 15 and 51 numerology.

9/2/2020 = 9+2+2+0+2+0 = 15

9/2/2020 = 9+2+20+20 = 51

Keep in mind Joker is a ‘Batman’ related film.