Payton Gendron, Buffalo Tops shooter, indicted on 25 counts, June 1, 2022, by the numbers

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Indicted on 25 counts for the Tops shooter?
Tops = 25
Death = 25
Racist = 25

This comes on June 1, or 1/6, like 16.
Tops = 16

Keep in mind the date can be written 6/1 like 61 as well.

And a big narrative with this story is ‘mental health.’

This news comes 19-days before his 19th birthday on June 20, and recall the shooting came 19-weeks before Byron Brown’s birthday. Plus, the store was opened 19-days after Gendron’s date of birth, and it opened on the 190th day of the year, the 19th triangular number.

And with regards to the ‘domestic terrorism’ charge, it syncs with ‘white supremacist.’

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  1. David G. Olsen on June 1, 2022 at 3:06 pm

    Is it a little bit interesting that William McKinley, who was shot in Buffalo, was the 25th president? It was on a day with numerology of 35 and then 62 years later, #35, Kennedy was shot in Dallas. As George Bush will turn 76 on 7/6 so will Sylvester Stallone. Rocky was released in 1976, 46 years ago. Rocky was from Pennsylvania like #46 Joe Biden. With all the presidential assassination coding that we’ve been seeing, with the Celtics beating the Miami Heat =43, 4 games to 3, where assassination = 43 and 43 is the the 14th prime and how it was on JFK’s 105th b-day (the 14th T#) and how William McKinley died on 9/14 and Lincoln was shot on 4/14 and the Buffalo shooting was on 5/14, isn’t it more than a little bit interesting that Joe Biden’s (per Dan Behrendt) secret service code name is “Celtic?”

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