Peetah Morgan, dead at 46, February 25, 2024

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Peter Morgan of Morgan Heritage is dead at 46. As we well know, Genesis 46 begins with a sacrifice.

Notice the overlap with ‘sacrifice’ and ‘heritage.’

And notice how his full name overlap with ‘blood sacrifice,’.

257 is the 55th prime number, going with his nickname, Peetah.

He is dead 218 days after the Prime Minister’s birthday (Andrew Holness).
Death=218 *Holy Roman Empire=218

He is also dead on the 219th day of his age.
Black Eagles=219 (Morgan’s father’s band) *Roman Catholic=219

And finally, notice the 201. Of course, he is dead on the 56th day of the year.
The Jesuit Order=201
Society of Jesus=56

As for him dying in Black History Month…
Carter G. Woodson=201
Black Lives Matter=56

And in light of the calendar being named after the Pope, today is 70 days after Pope Francis birthday, connecting with ‘Francis’ and ‘Vatican.’
Francis=70, Vatican=70

And let us not forget the number 56 is 70 in base-8 counting.

Furthermore, he is dead 30 years after the band was formed, going with the 30-year return of Saturn. Notice the overlap with ‘Saturn’ and ‘Rastafari.’

For one last point, his father died on the 293rd day of his age, the 62nd prime number.

His father also died on the 62nd day of the year.

Hit death on March 3 goes with his band name. *Black Eagles=33

His father was 76 when he passed.

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