Perry Botkin Jr., Grammy winning composer, dead at 87, January 18, 2021

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What do you know, another death at 87, and also on January 18, and also reported days later. Earlier today it was Jimmie Rodgers.

Death = 118 *Homicide = 118

In his case, January 18 can be written 18/1 like 181, and his name ‘Perry Botkin Jr.’ equates to 118.

*Perry Botkin Jr. = 73 / 170 *Sacrifice = 73 / 170

And to make sense of all the 87 rituals in recent days, this is the answer.

*Number of the Beast = 87 *The Catholic Church = 87

‘The Young and the Restless’ also fits in.

95 weeks and 1 day is 666 days.

Derek did a good video on the death of Larry King at age 87, and the number of the beast, so long as you can get over his Ned Flanders style presentation.

Of course they had to mention Phil Spector who just died recently…

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