PHOENIX Part3: Rain Phoenix’ “Immolate” an ode to a sacrifice.

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Joaquin and River Phoenix‘ sister Rain released a music album – on the anniversary of River’s death; October 31st, 2019 – dedicated to his memory. The album is titled RIVER.  Cover-art above.

The most salient song on the album is IMMOLATE, the lead-single, which was released before the album; on River’s August 23rd, 2019 birthday. defines immolate as meaning: 

So, the song dedicated to River Phoenix, released on his birthday, is about human sacrifice; the album released on his death-day anniversary.

Rain Phoenix‘ middle name is Joan of Arc

Named after the French martyr who was burned alive at the stake. Phoenix, immolation; the family seems to be marked with this theme.

Her middle name has some overlap with the name of the location of River Phoenix’ death.

His brother’s JOKER movie was officially released 27 days before River’s Samhain (Halloween) death-anniversary.

Gematria unveils the ritual:

337is the 68th prime number.

The number 121 is a major Aleister Crowley number; a self-proclaimed Great Beast. If you haven’t, read this post on Crowley Numbers.

The imagery is clear: The Phoenixburns itself (self-sacrifices; self-immolates) and is born anew, in a higher state than before.

River Phoenix; the older brother is immolated, the younger Joaquin through his acting-career-success that eclipses River’s becomes the re-born Phoenix.

The sentiment: “OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW” is at the heart of this ritual, as revealed by Gematria.

The second song on the RIVER album is Stay Together. Only through Gematria can you see the hidden reference to River Phoenix.

The February 9th, 2020 Academy Awards will be the climax and fulfillment of the River Phoenix IMMOLATION.