Polaris guitarist Ryan Siew dies at 26, 74 days before the release of the band’s September 1 album

Death Entertainment Murder by Numbers

RIP Ryan Siew. This news comes while Ryan Mallet‘s death is in the news.
Ryan Siew = 102
Australia = 102

Notice he died on June 19, the 170th day of the year.
Sacrifice = 170

He died at age 26, just before the start of summer.
Summer = 26


He died 74 days before the release of the band’s new album. Can you say, “Gematria the killing name?”

September 1 is the day leaving 121 days in the year.

That album will be called “Fatalism.”

As we covered yesterday, Ryan Mallett was the 74th pick of the NFL Draft.

Also, Ryan Siew died 93 days after his birthday, the number connected to Saturn, the grim reaper.
Saturn = 93

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