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Notice his brother died 111 days after his birthday.


His brother’s rap name, Tee Da P equates to 111…

Rapper = 74 / 88 *Brain Cancer = 74 / 88

This death comes 22 days after his mixtape released, Shiesty Season, equating to 74, the same as ‘brain cancer’.

Rapper = 74 *Tupac = 74 *Killing = 74 *Cross = 74

And ask yourself, how bad is the name Pooh Shiesty? Nothing could scream EMASCULATED more.

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  1. betterenglishglobal on March 1, 2021 at 1:28 pm

    If you’d like an eye-opening 9-11/Hollywood/Sports/Jesuit connection, message me on Telegram (@EDPH5).
    I can also give you what United 328’s engine fire was a ritual for.

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