Pope Clement VII’s death, on the 42nd day of the Jesuit’s existence, September 25, 1534

Catholic Church Jesuit

What a legacy.

And on the 42nd day of the existence of the Jesuits, Pope Clement VII died.

He died 122 days after his own birthday.

For one more point, September 25 leaves 97 days in the year.
Death = 97 / 25


  1. danbeartrap on September 22, 2021 at 7:19 pm

    His bday is also a span of 4 months 2 days before 9/27.
    He died a span of 56 days before his anniversary as Pope at the age of 56.
    He died 1 month 10 days after the Jesuits were formed and his bday was 2 months 20 days before they were formed.
    Clement VII=220(FB)
    Pope Francis was born 2 months 20 days after 9/27.
    Pope Francis’ bday is 4 months 2 days after 8/15.
    The Jesuits were recognized by the 220th Pope named Paul III.
    Paul III=220(FB)
    The number 220 is pretty important with big names..
    Donald John Trump=220
    Prince Charles=220=London England
    Vladimir Putin=220(FB)

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