Prohibition History Repeats | House passes bill to decriminalize marijuana

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Read my January 19, 2017 post about the end of prohibition:

My big miss in that post was December 5 being the 339th day of the year, and how this country is dictated by numerology, which corresponds with the date 12/5, like 125.

*God = 26 *Game = 26

*United States of America = 339

*Numerology = 125

And notice the linked article, about the 66 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey hidden in the walls.

*My dad’s brother born in ’66 has struggled with alcohol his entire life

*Alcohol is often made from sugar:

And keep in mind that prohibition end in ’33, on a date with 33 numerology, December 5, 1933.

12/5/1933 = 12+5+(1+9+3+3) = 33

And notice how ’empire’ fits in, because alcohol is the FREEDUMB beverage of America, keeping us as sharp as we are.

With regards to history often repeating itself, on December 4, 2020, the U.S. federal government voted on and passed a bill decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level. Keep in mind, 2020 was a leap year, so it was the 339th day of the year as well. Furthermore, it was passed with 228 votes with 158 dissenting, and again, on the 339th day of 2020.

*Freemasonry = 158 *Jesuits created 15/8

And something for the future, 2021 will be 88 years after the end of Prohibition, and next on the ballot is the end of marijuana prohibition.

Read more about riddles with 88, 420 and marijuana:

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