Protest planned for Olympia, Washington, 70-days after Governor Jay Inslee’s birthday, April 19, 2020, anniversary of Waco & Oklahoma City Bombing

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The Washington protest is scheduled for April 19, 2020, the anniversary of Waco in ’93 and the OKC Bombing in ’95 (the Oregon protest is scheduled for May 1 and 2).  With regards to Oklahoma City, it reminds that Seattle’s basketball team went from Seattle to Oklahoma City.  Also, don’t forget what happened on national TV in Seattle with the WTO riots of 1999, or the May Day, May 1, 2012 protest turned violent on live TV, also in downtown Seattle.  I was there for the latter event, choking on the gas shot by the police (but I was not part of the violence, because that was also done by the police, in what was clearly well coordinated and controlled opposition).

The protest which the mainstream media is covering, is scheduled for 1 hour only (red flag), and it comes exactly 70-days after Governor Jay Robert Inslee’s birthday.

The number 70 has been abundant in coronavirus headlines, here is just a few.

Hazardous Liberty?  You can tell this was named by the CIA.

Notice the 78 and 93 gematria.

Recall, I predicted on March 18, the 78th day of 2020, we would get the 50th and final state in the headlines with coronavirus, ‘West Virginia’, summing to 78, and that is exactly what happened.  Read more here:

The word ‘hazardous’ also has the 113 encoded, a “protest” number.

Hazardous ties in with Washington and Scott, like George Washington, the Scottish Rite Freemason.  Keep in mind Washington State is the 42nd State.  *Freemason = 42 *Vaccine = 42

Don’t forget Clade X, the pandemic simulation by Johns Hopkins, coming 666-days before the pandemic was declared on March 11, 2020, or 11/3, like 113.

Notice ‘coronavirus pandemic’ sums to 113. 

So duch ‘Johns Hopkins University’.

Keep in mind “hazardous liberty” is a name that sounds like it is mocking the behavior of the people who would go against big brother’s orders. “Their behavior is hazardous”.

The name of the organizer, Tyler Miller stands out as well, Agent 33?

His surname sums to 93, like Wuhan Coronavirus, and 33 like Corona.

His initials, TM, sum to 33 as well.

They’ll likely be testing their new drone technology with facial recognition capability.

*And for any Trump people at the rally, be sure to tell them about the massive 222 and 65 ritual for the Swiss bankers, who own his ass: