West Virginia, last state without coronavirus, sees its first case, March 18, 2020 news

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Nearly a week ago, I asked if we would see headlines on March 18, 2020, confirming a case of Wuhan Coronavirus in West Virginia, because it is the 78th day of the year.  Well, here we are.

Notice, the case was confirmed Tuesday night, local time, but already March 18, Universal Standard Time (and in Switzerland).  Of course, March 17 was the 77th day of the year, and ‘United States’ sums to 77.  With the “positive case” in West Virginia, it means all 50 supposedly have one.

3/17/20 = 3+17+20 = 40 (17/3… 173, 40th prime)

Further, notice below they tested 137 people… need I say more?

*Washington D.C. = 137 *Government = 137 *Authority = 137