Putin announces a special military operation in Ukraine, February 24, 2022, a Thursday

Catholic Church Government Jesuit Military New World Order News Predictive Programming Psychological Operation War World War

Just remember, the ritual with Russia and Ukraine started in the ‘Donbas Region.’
Donbas Region = 201
Russian Invasion = 201 / 102
Ukrainian Jesuits = 201
Russian Jesuits = 102

And keep in mind the military operation began February 24, 2022, Russian time, a Thursday.
55th day of the year
Military = 55
Putin = 55
*Satan = 55

Notice how Kharkiv equates with ‘Thursday’ and ‘Catholic’. As we know, this entire ritual is Jesuit.

55th day of the year
Satan = 35 / 55

And let this photo sum up the theater of war.

Prop Tank (Bored journalist, hands on hips, tongue out)


  1. Andrew Bembry on February 24, 2022 at 10:31 am

    Biden said “hold Russia accountable” which equals 223 and 79 in base ciphers. The synagogue of satan equates to “223 and 79.” Ukraine equals “79.” If you write the word “three” it equals 79. It also equals 56 and we know 56.

    • ceepup on February 24, 2022 at 12:53 pm

      Ivan the Terrible-168 Vladimir Putin- 168 Vladimir Lenin-142 Karl Marx-35-55
      Chernobyl- 102-48-141-42 Totalitarianism-224 This whole thing is a distraction from covid19, Omicron or the Flu virus news we were hearing everyday! They said last week of a fake war to intimidate, to scare people, like a Ghost Army the US Army have done back in 1/20/1944. It was the 23rd Headquarters Special troops of 30,000. A *simulation to fool German forces during ww2.The news is so negative of race,war hate crime of cops shooting black men and tgen the court cases for justice and money! Make not watch the media entertainment news such as BBC,CNN, INDEPENDENT NEWS, NPR,3 6,10 NEWS ETC !

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