Ralph Backstrom, 6 time NHL champion, dead at 83 on Sunday, February 7, the date of Super Bowl 55

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This six time champion died on February 7, 2021, the date of Super Bowl 55, the date Brady went from 6 championships, to 7. And as you can see, Ralph’s number was up.

Ralph = 55 / 80 *Satan = 55 / 80 *Brady stayed on 80 career losses

Notice how his name connects to ‘The Greatest of All Time’, which Tom Brady is now being called.

Blood Sacrifice = 86 *Human Sacrifice = 86

The Bucs improved to 8-6 all-time against the Chiefs. *Thomas = 86

And of course, he died at age 83, in Colorado, the 38th state, on the 38th date of the year…

Read more about 38, 83 and murder.

And who can forget the Colorado related Watts’ family murders?

Brady finished Super Bowl 55 with three touchdowns, bringing his career postseason total to 83.


He died 142 days after his birthday, or on his 143rd day of his age.

Windsor, Colorado = 85 *National Football League = 85 *Brady = 85

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