Rats and mice are spreading Disease X in Ukraine? (CNN, January 21, 2024)

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Notice that CNN ran this story on January 21, 2024, four days after the “Preparing for Disease X” conference by the World Economic Forum. It is a reminder that four years earlier to the day, coronavirus was confirmed in the United States, in Bill Gates backyard, a member of the WEF. Of course, it was his former company Microsoft that put out the video game “A Plagues Tale” about disease spreading through rats around that same time.

So here we are, just documenting the storyline they’re laying down. Notice, in this case, the disease spreading in Ukraine (another massive 201 ritual), is through rats, and it is causing people to bleed from their eyes. It sounds pretty terrible, and that would be at least 20 times worse than Covid.

For one more point, let us not forget that they compared Covid-19 to Spanish Flu, which came out of World War I, 102 years prior to Covid.


  1. truthiscensored on January 24, 2024 at 5:33 pm

    Rats = 201

    We are living event 201 to the kingdom of the beast that comes to pass 42 months after the beast MBS does the deal with Israel.

    We are working up some beast peace right now with the Devil’s mystery of iniquity.


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