Remember when Donald Trump was stuck on 214 electoral votes in 2020? (MAGA)

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When Trump lost to Biden, he became stuck on 214 Electoral College votes in the process.

Think of the ongoing MAGA and ‘Church of Satan’ jokes people aren’t seeing.

Again, MAGA is the highest degree of the Church of Satan.

The phrase ‘Satanic panic’ was used to dismiss people looking into such things.

Read more about Trump, the Church of Satan, and MAGA here.

And never forget Obama & Trump’s big 45 joke on the Church of Satan’s 45th birthday, April 30, 2011, at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

ALSO, Dallas is the (214) are code and Joe Biden, the winner of the ritual, has all the parallels to JFK who was killed in Dallas at age 46, whereas Joe Biden became number 46. Also, don’t forget it was the 59th US Presidential Election. *John F. Kennedy=59


  1. Truther on June 17, 2024 at 9:04 am

    Who’s copying who? We know the answer:

    Btw, we only listen to you because it’s entertainment to see how you constantly miss the key points, it’s like clock work, a whole loser doing his thing, and then he claims we learned this from you. Dude, we don’t even decode like you lol.

    And we know how you try to manipulate your community, talking about how bad censorship is the very same day you censor and delete us for like 5 times. Every time you talk bad about Switzerland and the WHO, we know that your hate really means us and not the WHO, why would you hate on Switzerland as a country when we didn’t even have lock downs. You sound so moronic, but I guess people who can’t even difference between Sweden and Switzerland are pretty damn dumb.

    Fuck you mister Censorship pussy, you started to play games with the wrong people. We know your tactics and they suck. You’re not the smartest candle on the cake, actually you’re just a damn victim sitting in front of the computer the whole damn day, can’t even get things done like writing a book. PATHETIC! poor soul.

  2. GregRamsey74 on June 17, 2024 at 6:06 pm

    “214 Electoral College Votes” = 550;”Satan” = 55
    “214 Electoral Votes” = 420;*The Beast rules for 42-months in Revelation
    214 Electoral Votes is 2-words/14-letters
    “Stuck” = 11/34
    “Beast” = 11/34
    “Two hundred fourteen” = 88/250;”Trump” = 88/25
    The date the election was called and Trump was stuck on 214-votes, came 214-days after April 7, or 4/7
    “Trump” = 47;”Beast” = 47;”Time” = 47;”President” = 47
    The Election was called exactly 47-months after the anniversary of Pearl Harbor in 2016, not long after Trump won the 58th Election on 11/9, a span of 4-months and 1 day from the 2016 Pearl Harbor anniversary(Pearl Harbor in ’41)
    6X6X6 = 216

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