Revenge of the Nerds film series (July 20, 1984 – May 9, 1994) and Bill Gates

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The film Revenge of the Nerds came out on July 20, 1984, what is typically the 201st day of the year.
The Jesuit Order = 201 / 84
William Henry Gates = 201 / 84

It released 266-days after his birthday.
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266

Also noteworthy, the fourth film in the series released in ’94. That was Bill Gates breakout year in terms of celebrity. It was also the year of his wedding and his mother’s death. The fourth iteration of the film released May 9, 1994, the 129th day of the year (129 is 201 in base 8 counting), and it released 193-days after his birthday (44th prime — *Seattle = 44). Of course, Kurt Cobain died in a massive Seattle ritual that year, 94-days after Bill Gates wedding, and 44-days after his own birthday.
Seattle, Washington = 94
Seattle = 44

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