Richard Romanus of Mean Streets and The Sopranos, dead at 80, December 23, 2023

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This news breaks on a Saturday, and he died on the last day of Saturnalia, December 23, 2023. He died on the 319th day of his age as well.
Killing=319, Masonic=319, Lucifer=319

His death at 80 ties in with the Bavarian Illuminati connection that we have covered in the deaths of others members of The Sopranos cast.
Bavarian Illuminati=80, Satan=80, Baphomet=80

Keep in mind Satan is associated with Saturn.

He wrote the Christmas film If You Believe.
If You Believe=188, Bavarian Illuminati=188

Mean Streets=139, The Bavarian Illuminati=139

Read about Frank Vincent’s death in light of James Gandolfini’s here.

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