Road Warrior Animal, WWE star, dead at 60, September 22, 2020 | Plus James Laurinaitis, once #55 for the Los Angeles Rams

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The night before his death, the Raiders won, in their new home in Vegas, and anyone who knows how Raiders fans dress, know the similarities between Road Warrior Animal’s getup, and the Raiders fans’.

September 21, the date of the game, leaving 101 days in the year

101st NFL season

Las Vegas Raiders = 101

When the Raiders defeated the Saints, in the first game played in Nevada as the Las Vegas Raiders, in the year of Super Bowl LV, it made home teams 11-5 for NFL Week 2.

Nevada = 115; Raiders = 115; Killing = 115

Keep in mind the Raiders were once in Los Angeles as well, and Road Warrior’s son, James Laurinaitis, played for the Los Angeles Rams, where he wore number 55. Of course, this is the 101st NFL season, concluding with Super Bowl 55. And furthermore, his father died 10 days after his birthday, and 55 is the 10th triangular and Fibonacci number.

Notice his name sums to 257, the 55th prime.

His father’s death came 42 weeks after his 33rd birthday, and his name sums to 181, the 42nd prime.

His name has standout gematria.

251, 54th prime

116th World Series upcoming

Road Warrior Animal also sums to 116.

This news broke September 23, the same day Gale Sayers died 116 days after his birthday, the Chicago NFL star:

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