Robert E. Crimo, a modern day Robert E. Lee after July 4, 2022 shooting?

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Read about the significance of this happening in the Land of Lincoln, on the U.S.’s birthday, and the shooter being named Robert E. Crimo, like Robert E. Lee. Once again, this shooting comes 166-days after Robert E. Lee’s birthday anniversary, which is also the 43rd Governor of Illinois’s birthday.
Bobby Crimo = 166
Secret Society = 166
Civil War = 43
Lincoln born on 43rd day
George Floyd = 43 (They went from 8:46 to 9:29, +43 seconds)

Notice the III, 22. That’s kind of like 322

And we know how often that number shows up in rituals such as these.

Adding to the connection, they say Bobby Crimo III, 22, was caught on US 41.

As we know, Skull and Bones is the 41 gang.

George H.W. Bush, #41 (Skull and Bones member)
Dallas = 41 (Where he was the day JFK was killed)
-Dallas established in 1841

This becomes all the more interesting when you realize the shooter’s rap name is ‘Awake,’ and today is exactly 41-weeks after his September 20 birthday.
Awake = 1+23+1+11+5 = 41
USA = 21+19+1 = 41

And notice he was arrested wearing the red and black, that popular jesuit color scheme.

And the 43rd Governor of Illinois is Jay Robert Pritzker.

Robert E. Lee = 57 = (J.B. Pritzker is 57)

And he shares the same birthday with Robert E. Lee.

Notice Robert E. Lee would have turned 215-years-old on January 19, 2022.
Robert Crimo III = 215
Highland Park = 215

Also, Pritzker being the 43rd Governor ties in with the Civil War history, as well as the Yale, Skull and Bones history… Yale = 43, Civil War = 43

Keep in mind the US Civil War ended in 1865, 33-years after the establishment of Skull and Bones.
Bonesmen = 33, Order = 33, Secrecy = 33, Masonry = 33, Federal = 33


  1. 216144 on July 4, 2022 at 8:14 pm 55 weeks 5 days after the release of the film Awake

  2. Timothy Hart on July 4, 2022 at 11:48 pm

    Bobby Crimo’s day of birth September 20, 2000, to September 11, 2001, is total span of 357 days and 357 is the 55th Prime Number. And without the span of days, it’s 11 Months, 22 Days. *JFK Assassination on November 22, 1963 September 20th is the 263rd day of the year, 263 is the 56th Prime Number and ‘Civil War’ equals 56 (RR) and the day leaving 102 days left in the year. *Police equals 102 (RO) Bobby Crimo’s September 20, 2013 birthday to when he joined on YouTube on November 2, 2013, is 43 Days. The Superior General’s birthday Arturo Sosa November 12, 2021, to July 4, 2022, is 33 Weeks, 3 Days or a total span of 235 days. If Robert E. Lee was still alive on January 19, 2022 to July 4, 2022 is his 166th day of his age or 23 Weeks, 5 Days. ‘The Society of Jesus’ equals 235 (RO) From July 4, 2022 to the Superior General’s upcoming birthday November 12, 2022 is 18 Weeks, 5 Days and July 4th is the 185th day of the year. *Catholicism = 185 *Mathematics = 185

  3. Mrgii89 on July 5, 2022 at 2:07 am

    “Bobby” is a straight super-match with “Chaos.”

  4. Mrgii89 on July 5, 2022 at 2:11 am

    Bobby = 46, 19, 89, 26
    Chaos = 46, 19, 89, 26
    ..26 more victims under president #46.

  5. 357986 on July 5, 2022 at 6:07 am

    Rob hurt, bob he, crime oh! Did you mention that in the video, or are you mocking everyone like the MSM?

  6. jed on July 5, 2022 at 7:50 am

    “Rob” & “crime” they really are taking the piss now.

  7. Slava on July 5, 2022 at 11:07 am

    He was registered on the Russian social network back in 2021, spent two days on it, and never logged in again. He had several “people” as his friends. One with the funny last name Ilya Gruschenko. In Russian, Ilya Gru can mean I’m from the GRU. The abbreviation GRU stands for the Main Intelligence Directorate, the counterpart of the CIA.
    I have already done odd things about the yellow color on the chest – the girl from Uvalde at the congress speech with pictures of sunflowers on her shirt, the terrorist who ran over pedestrians in Germany with a yellow T-shirt on his chest, this shooter with a smiley face on his chest. Manchurian candidates, MK Ultra.
    You can’t research anything with gematria alone.

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