Robert F. Kennedy Jr. files papers to run for President of the United States, April 5, 2023, in clear tribute to assassinated family members

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This news comes on the 95th day of the year, the Jesuits favorite number.

And it’s a date that cane be written 4/5, or 5/4.
Dealey Plaza = 45 / 54, Ambassador Hotel = 54, Jesuit Order = 54

It has been 54 years and change since his father’ assassination.

And RFK Jr. was born in ’54.

Keep in mind today is 78 days after his birthday, or 11 weeks and 1 day.

Children’s Health Defense = 111 (His organization)

And it goes with him having his anti-vax rally on Jesuit Georgetown’s birthday, January 23, 2022.

Of course, he once went to Georgetown prep.

And for the clincher, today is 144 days after the Superior General’s birthday.

Notice the overlap with Kennedy Curse and ‘Jesuit Order.’ *Kennedy Curse=63 (JFK in ’63)

Recall, his uncle, JFK, was assassinated in a major 144 ritual, 144 days from his meeting with the Pope, and his dad reportedly died at 1:44 AM on June 6, 1968.
The United States of America = 144

He is 69-years-old. The Jesuit Order=69 *New World Order=69 *Catholic Church=69 *Illuminati=69

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