Russell Wilson traded from Seattle to the Denver Broncos in the 38th state, March 8, 2022, exactly 38-weeks before his birthday, after helping the Seahawks win their first championship in their 38th season over the Denver Broncos in 94th NFL season

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Get that, Russell Wilson is traded to the ‘Colorado’ team on March 8, or 3/8, or 8/3. Again, Colorado is the 38th state in order of statehood.

The name Russell also fits in.

This move also comes exactly 38-weeks before Russell Wilson’s 34th birthday.
Wilson = 34

Iesus Hominum Salvator = 266 *Russell Wilson = 54 *Jesuit Order = 54

And recall, Russell Wilson beat the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 48, concluding the 94th NFL season.
Seahawks = 48
Seattle, Washington = 94 / 68
Denver = 94 / 68

And keep in mind Russell Wilson was drafted to the Colorado Rockies in history on June 8, or 6/8.

Colorado Rockies = 163 (38th prime)

And his father died the day after he was drafted…

Since that Super Bowl 48 win, Russell Wilson’s grandfather has died at age 94.

When the Seahawks won the Super Bowl over Denver, it was in their franchise’s 38th season.,of%20the%20Super%20Bowl%20era.

And take notice Wilson went 6-8 in his last season in Seattle before moving to Denver.
Seattle, Washington = 68
Denver = 68

*This past weekend Aaron Rodgers officiated a wedding for David Bakhtiari on the 94th day of his age, and David Bakhtiari played at Colorado in college. As I’ve always explained, there is a relationship with rituals between the Packers and the Seahawks.

Keep in mind this news comes on the 67th day of the year.
67, 19th prime
Seattle = 19

This move comes before the 103rd NFL season.
Broncos = 103
Ciara = 103
-It is 19-weeks and 1-day after Ciara’s birthday

This move comes a span of 41-weeks from Denver’s coach’s upcoming 43rd birthday.
Football = 43
Colorado = 43
Seattle Seahawks = 43
-Super Bowl = 41

Hackett = 68 *Denver = 68 *Seattle, Washington = 68

This comes 191-days before Pete Carroll’s 71st birthday.
191, 43rd prime
Society of Jesus = 191
Denver Broncos = 71

That means he was traded 174-days after Pete Carroll’s birthday, and Wilson played in exactly 174 total games with the Seahawks (158 reg. + 16 playoffs).
Number of the Beast = 174

He finishes his Seahawks career with 113 wins *Chief Seattle = 113 (What city is named after)

Today is also 81-days after Pope Francis’ 85th birthday.
Russell Wilson = 81
National Football League = 85
Iesus Hominum Salvator = 85 / 266
-Pope Francis is 266th Pope
-Trade is 266 days before Wilson’s upcoming birthday

It’s been 12 years since Rodgers has been to a Super Bowl, and Seattle is known for its “12th Man.”

Also, on this same day, the Packers resign Rodgers, while he is 38-years-old. Recall, he picked up his 103rd regular season win vs. the Broncos.
Rodgers = 103
State Farm = 103
Broncos = 103
-103rd NFL season upcoming
-Colorado Rockies lost in 103rd World Series

And keep in mind Russell Wilson played his college ball at Wisconsin.

Russell Wilson’s was drafted to the Rockies 191-days after his birthday, and 174-days before his upcoming birthday.

Just the same as Pete Carroll…

That was the year before his 191 rating at Wisconsin.

And here’s a bonus observation about Seahawks last games vs. the Arizona Cardinals.

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