Russia says it will quit the International Space Station at the end of 2024, July 26, 2022

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As we know, 2024 and 2025 are very curious upcoming years, from They Live to the Georgia Guidestones…

This news comes July 26, 2022, the day leaving 158-days in the year.
Freemasonry = 158

As we know, at the heart of NASA is Freemasonry.

The news also comes on a date with 75 numerology.
7/26/2022 = 7+26+20+22 = 75
Russia = 75

In two days, July 28, expect a follow up story because it leaves 156-days in the year.
International Space Station = 156

Plus it is the 28th.
Space = 28

At the same time, July 29 will be the 64th anniversary of the establishment of NASA.
NASA, established July 29, 1958

Furthermore, this news comes 292-days after Putin’s October 7, 2021 birthday.
Yury Ivanovich Borisov = 292 (The man who made the call)

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