Russian ships arrive in Cuba provoking thoughts of Cold War, June 12, 2024 (during 78th NBA Finals)

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Today is #41’s birthday anniversary (George Herbert Walker Bush).

Today is also the anniversary of Ronald Reagan telling Mr. Gorbachev to tear town the Berlin Wall. Of course, his VP was George H.W. Bush.

The Jesuit suppression lasted 41 years.

The USA was formed in the time of that suppression. *USA=41 (13th prime)

Today is a span of 201 days from the death anniversary of Fidel Castro, November 25.

Castro was Jesuit-educated and died in a very Jesuit ritual synced with Pope Francis, the first Jesuit Pope, the first to live in Suite 201 at the Vatican.

The number 129 is 201 in base-8 counting. *Cuban Missile Crisis=129

This comes during the time of the 78th NBA Finals, a series having a lot to do with JFK & RFK.
Cuban Missile Crisis=78 & 129
Jesuit=78 *Kennedy=78

Recall, Biden and Putin met on Pearl Harbor Day, December 7, 2021, 201 days after the first Jesuit Ignatian year began, before the war with Russia and Ukraine in February of 2022. Then the war began in the ‘Donbas Region,’ equating to 201.

Also, today is the 54th day of the leader of Cuba’s age (Miguel Diaz-Canel).

*George W. Bush won the 54th US Presidential Election

You’ll notice the 454 on the boat shown in the image.

Read about the very Jesuit deaths of Fidel Castro & his son here.

Notice the part about the 18th Century salute. *IHS=18 & 18 *Sun=18 & 54

Also noteworthy, today is 839 days after the February 24, 2022 war began with Russia and Ukraine.

839 is the 146th prime.

Today is 146 days before the election on November 5. *Havana=115

For one last point, today is 92 days after the anniversary of the start of the Cold War, November 12, 1947

And since today is George H.W. Bush’s, it is a reminder that the Georgia Guidestones came down in a 92 ritual on his son’s birthday, July 6, 2022. That monument had a lot to do with deopulation, and the number 92 has a lot to do with nuclear & atomic weapons. Read more about the Georgia Guidestones and Robert Carter Cook here.

Read more about the meaning of 92 here.

It’s also a span of 93 days *Order of Illuminati=93 *Saturn=93

Keep in mind George H.W. Bush lost election in ’92, the year Clinton won, right before the age of terrorism, from OKC to 9/11. *Manhattan=92

For one last point, today is 227 days after the anniversary of the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis, and 22/7 is the mathematical shorthand for solving for Pi, a number that has to do with cycles and circles.


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    How come you don’t talk about this?

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