Ryan Garcia’s March 3 “666” X post, his Bohemian Grove story & his June 6, 2024 earthquake prediction

Biblical Big Tech Celebrity Earthquake News Psychological Operation
*Emory Andrew Tate III=97 *Ryan Clark=97 (25th prime) *He is 25 at the time of this attention, plus more.
And who remembers the Patriots 25 point comeback, on 2/5, in the 97th NFL season, vs. the Falcons? *Falcons=25
Additionally, Ryan Clark has fought in 25 fights to date (24-1)

This started Sunday, March 3 (33).

Notice where Ryan Garcia’s 8/8 birthday ties in with the 88 gematria of ‘beast’ and ‘I’m okay,’ the headline emphasized in the top right.

Again, it all began with a hoax post and 666.

You can see the coverage on Ryan Garcia in the mainstream, lead by TMZ, began on March 4.
March 4 is 3/4 (like 34)


Keep in mind it was March 4, or 3/4, he posted about children being raped at Bohemian Grove.

March 4 was the 64th day of the year.


Notice, Ryan Garcia started making waves online after a hoax post was published to his X on March 3, 2024, the 63rd day of the year, sort of like six-threes, since his post referenced 666 and Satan.

Then, on March 5, the 65th day of the leap year, he got attention for headlines about his social media post the day prior. It goes wit him claiming to be a Christian and a ‘Jesus’ believer.

Jesus=34 *Beast=34 *3/4 coverage

And now on March 6, the 66th day of the year, he predicts a bad earthquake for June 6, 2024. Funny enough, we have talked about the USGS and suspicious earthquake richter readings before, that often change after the story first breaks, and change to something numerically fitting.

The concluding book of the Bible is full of earthquakes, and the protestant version has 66 books, going with the teaching in that same book about the number of the beast.

His remarks on March 6, come 92 days before June 6.

Furthermore, it is a span of 93 days, and HAARP, the military technology that can quake the ground, was officially established in ’93.

Keep in mind Revelation 6:12 is about a massive earthquake, and it is similar to June 12, or 6/12. So I ask, could his prediction be 6 days early?

Also, June 12 will be 98 days after his birthday, and he was born in ’98.

For one more, his June 6 prediction is 63 days before his 26th birthday, and his name became the center of attention starting on March 3, the 63rd day of the year. That also means from his 25th birthday to June 6, is 303 days later.

Last, his ESPN fight page.

The ritual is going down while he is on 25 fights, as a 25 year old.
Ryan Garcia=97 (25th prime)

It all began on a ‘Sunday,’ for King Ry, March 3, or 3/3, like 33. It also began on the 78th day of the first Jesuit Pope’s age, Pope Francis. *Jesuit=78 *Order Out of Chaos=78

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