Seahawks beat Patriots at 1 yard line in Super Bowl 49 rematch game (wake up to rigged sports)

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On September 20, 2020, on Sunday Night Football, the Patriots lost the game at the Seahawks 1 yard line. Sound familiar? Say, how the Seahawks lost Super Bowl 49 to the Patriots at the 1 yard line? Adding insult to injury, Russell Wilson got his 49th home win in the game, and his 97th overall win, over Cam Newton, who was signed 97 days after being released by the Black Panthers (Carolina).

Black Panther Party = 97

This game was also 132 days after Cam’s birthday, and it reminds that Chadwick Boseman, who played T’Challa in Black Panther, died 132 weeks after the movie released.

T’Challa = 131

That means in Week 2 the Falcons paid tribute to their Super Bowl 52 choke performance against the Patriots, and the Patriots and Seahawks paid tribute to Super Bowl 49. In other words, it was just another week of rigged and themed NFL football. And sadly, it included the ritual murder of James Whites’ parents, who scored the winning TD in Super Bowl 51, in the “comeback” game. I should also note it was Matt Ryan’s 201st game and they did a massive “201 ritual” to pay tribute, and the Seahawks and Patriots played each other for the first time in 201 weeks.

The Jesuit Order = 201 (Who controls the BPP & much more)

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